34th AUAP Annual Conference

13 November 2019 | 12:47 Code : 69 News
The 34th Annual Conference of the Association of Universities of Asia and the Pacific (AUAP) was held in Phitsanulok, Thailand, on 10-13 November 2019.

The 34th Annual Conference of the Association of Universities of Asia and the Pacific (AUAP), this year hosted by Naresuan University, Phitsanulok, Thailand was held on 10-13 November 2019.

The theme this year is 'Climate Change Adaption - The Challenging Role of Higher Education Institutions.' The conference offers a wide range of opportunities for academia, researchers, and the industry to brainstorm and come up with practical solutions to deal with climate change through the three main theme clusters; Health Sciences Cluster, Science and Technology Cluster, and Social Sciences Cluster.

Highlights included:

  • The 44th AUAP Executive Board Meeting at which Board approved many projects to move AUAP forward. These included the AUAP Science and Technology Incubation and Transfer Center, Articles Of Management (AUAP-STITTC) proposed by Dr.Shawn Chen (China) to set up the Center in Sias University, China.
  • Another notable project was the Asia and Pacific Student Exchange Programme (APSEP), presented to the Board by Prof. Dr. Mohammad Shekarchi Zadeh,University of Tehran. These projects were supported by hard work behind the scenes at the AUAP Ad Hoc Committee Meeting on November 10, 2019, during which the proposed amendments to be approved by the Board were drafted before submission to the AUAP SG.
  • The AUAP Country Chapter Committee Chairs Meeting, at which participants brainstormed ways to drive dynamism in AUAP.
  • Dr.Catherine Castaneda, AUAP QATF Committee and Vice President Academic Affairs, Adamson Univetsity, Philppines reported the progress of the Committee's tasks. With the support of contributions of $10,000 provided by Hon Hari Mohan Gupta Ji, AUAP Advisory Council Member and Chancellor of Jagkran Lakecity Univetsity, India arranged a QATF meeting to be held in Bangkok,Thailand on April 23-26, 2020 to evaluate the accomplishments of the AUAP Self-Evaluation Document on Internation.
  • MOUs were signed at the AUAP Annual Conference: AUAP supports members to get to know each other, which has led to many MoUs being signed since AUAP's establishment.

Further details on the conference website

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