Call for Proposals: Annual Womens Symposium 2020

28 January 2020 | 17:59 Code : 82 News
Jerrie Ueberle, Founder and CEO of the World Academy for the Future of Women, has invited AUAP members to submit a proposal to the Annual Women’s Symposium to be held at Sias University in China on 8-10 May, 2020.

Ms Ueberle's letter calling for proposals for the Annual Women’s Symposium to be held at Sias University in China on 8-10 May, 2020.


Dear AUAP Members,

This letter is directed to AUAP women in leadership and faculty roles who are committed to advancing women’s leadership worldwide.  As each of you know, conditions for women on the planet are far below those of men in areas of education, health, wealth and safety.  Women’s voices can make a difference at the decision-making tables and, with men, better decisions are possible for children, families, communities and the world.  It is important for women to have confidence and courage and skills to be a leader and make meaningful decisions for our world.

The World Academy for the Future of Women is a women’s leadership program on Sias University campus that has trained more than 1100 women in the past 10 years to become global leaders.  Each year the World Academy holds an Annual Women’s Symposium for university women to come and find out how they can advance their leadership skills and achieve a meaningful life.

I am writing to invite you to attend this Symposium in May and speak to university women about issues important to women gaining gender equality, social justice and human dignity so they can become leaders on their campus, in their community, country and the world.  I am also inviting you to learn how we can locate a World Academy on your university campus and begin developing women leaders on your campus, as well.

Below are two 3-minute videos with World Academy facilitators and alumni describing their experience. The contribution facilitator’s make is extraordinary. The first video is World Academy Facilitators describing their experience: The second is World Academy alumni talking about their experience as members in the World Academy.

Attached is the Call for Presenters for the Annual Women’s Symposium: 2020 Above and Beyond. I invite you to submit your presentation and meet me at Sias University in May to speak to university women AND to explore how to have a World Academy for the Future of Women on your campus!

Thank you for the role models you are for young women … and for the possibility you are for having women achieve success in their careers and become leaders!


Jerrie Ueberle


World Academy for the Future of Women


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